What is Cloth Map?

Learning a game played with sheep ankle bones in Mongolia.

Learning a game played with sheep ankle bones in Mongolia.

The short version: Cloth Map is a video project dedicated to exploring the world through the lens of games.

How do Cubans play multiplayer video games without Internet? Why do these weird bootleg game consoles exist? Are places like Chernobyl and Rio's favelas actually as scary as games portray them?

The long version: In a world that is becoming increasingly divided and fearful, it is imperative to recognize the things we have in common. Despite what authority figures may tell us, we're all pretty much the same: we love our families, and we want to be happy. And what clearer expression is there of the desire for happiness than playing games?

Across cultures and history, games are a constant. From ancient Rome to the Mayans, from the Olympics to eSports, games have always been in our DNA. That's why we've chosen games as the focal point in our quest to inspire a little more kinship across the globe.

Fortunately, we've found people who align with this philosophy: our audience. With their help, we've been at this since March 2017. Traditional media may make a lot of money by stoking fear, but it's only with audience support that projects like ours are able to counteract that narrative.

If you'd like to support us in that endeavor, we could use your help, either by sharing our work with others, subscribing on YouTube, or by directly supporting us through Patreon or one of these other methods.

We don't want to be afraid anymore, we just want to play.

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